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Riske Creek - Where real Cowboys still reign!

Riske CreePhoto courtesy of Chilcotin Lodge. The Chilcotin River before meeting the mighty Fraser River.k got its name from a Polish pioneer that was one of the first settlers in the area in the 1860’s. He set up a flour mill and sawmill and sent supplies and produce to booming Barkerville at the time. The tiny community itself is 30 miles or 47km from Williams Lake, but the entire rolling grassland country from the top of SheepCreek Hill to Lee’s Corner is called the Riske Creek area. Those same grasslands supported several large ranches in the area from the late 1800’s to present day. This is an area with some extraordinary geological formations, sweeping rivers, amazing old cabins and homesteaPhoto courtesy of Bill and Anita Miller. Farwell Canyon sandstone voodoosds, and varied wildlife including a large herd of Bighorn Sheep.
Junction Sheep Range Provincial Park can be accessed via a rough 4X4 road off the Chilcotin South Forest Service Road near where the Chilcotin and Fraser Rivers meet. Here, from April to the end of September you’ll have the opportunity to view the internationally significant herd of California Bighorn sheep located there.
Designated a Park in 1995, it has the largest herd of non-migratory California BighornPhoto courtesy of Bill & Anita Miller. California Bighorn Sheep look on at visitor. sheep in the world. This is a blue listed species so the protection of this herd of about 500 animals is critical. The rugged and steep ridges at the edge of the grasslands, their main food source, provide refuge from predators such as the cougar and bear that also inhabit the park. This herd is an important source of sheep for transplant to other areas in North America where sheep numbers have been reduced or herds wiped out.
Farwell Canyon
The Chilcotin South Forest Service Rd. turns off just east of Riske Creek and will take you to an awe inspiring sight! Farwell Canyon is an amazing vista of water carved limestonePhoto courtesy of Bill & Anita Miller. Sweeping views of the Gang Ranch near Riske Creek. and sandstone, hoodoos, and rolling sand dunes. A bridge spans the Chilcotin River and if you take a hike down to the river you will find native pictographs on the cliff south of the bridge. This canyon was once the site of anold native village and natives still fish here with dipnets during the salmon run.
The Riske Creek area has the Frontier Days and a rodeo in summer. It’s an excellent area for activities such as wildlife and birdwatching, and is the jumping off point for wilderness hiking, rugged river rafting and visiting the famous Gang Ranch.

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