Overlooking a pristine alpine lake in the Chilko Region


Chilko Lake and surrounding area

Chilko Lake is about 40 miles from Tatla Lake following the Tatlayoko Lake Road, and turn onto the Chilko Lake Road to reach the lake. It is the largest, and highest freshwater lake in North America nestled among some of the highest mountains in British Columbia serving up some spectacular scenery.Hiker overlooking Chilko Lake Chilko Lake is inside the relatively recently created Ts'ylos Provincial Park.
Glacial melt feeds the lake giving it its stunning blue color and in turn feeds into the Chilko River, known throughout for its rare milky green tint. The Chilko Lake area is said to have its own weather, and is known for mostly sunny, albeit windy climate so be watchful if on the lake when the wind comes up. Chilko Lake stretches nearly 60 miles long and is considered by some to be the prettiest lake in British Columbia. Chilko Lake It also has big fish! Rainbow Trout up to six pounds and Bull Trout up to 10 pounds. Chinook and Sockeye Salmon return to the lake each year to spawn near the outlet so salmon fry provides lots of food for the trout, as well as the abundant insect hatches. The river is considered one of British Columbia's finest catch and release fly fishing rivers where you can test your line against Rainbow Trout, Bull Trout and Dolly Varden to 10 pounds.
A pair of Eagles in a treeThe Chilko River is a wild river running eventually into the Chilcotin River near Alexis Creek and is well known for its river rafting. It isn't advisable to go on the river without a motorized boat and you may want to contract a guide to find the best fishing holes. Guide Outfitters in the area will willingly take you horseback riding up into the incredible mountain ranges where alpine where flowers abound and the view goes for miles. Some also offer big game hunting.Two Grizzlies near the water fishing for salmon There are numerous lodges and outfitters along Chilko Lake, Tsuniah Lake, Taseko Lake and other providers in the Nemaiah Valley offering hiking, horseback riding, fishing, rafting, bear watching, wildife and bird photography, boating tours, ranch holidays and much more.
Keep in mind when in the Chilko Lake region, however, that on June 26, 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) granted the Tsilhqot’in Nation a declaration of aboriginal title. Aboriginal title includes the right to exclusive use and occupation of the land, as well as the ability to determine the uses to which the land will be put. This title includes the northern third of Chilko Lake and all of the river to Highway 20 at Alexis Creek. Access to some of Tsylos Park has been cut off so if you wish to access any of that region that comes under aboriginal title, you will need to contact the band responsible for that area.

Chilko Lake is considered to be the highest elevation lake in North America.