Trailriding Photo Gallery for the West Chilcotin

One of the best ways to see the West Chilcotin is from the back of a horse. Since so much of it is inaccessible, you'll
have the opportunity to see spectacular country and lots of wildlife if you go on a trailride. Many of the resorts and
outfitters offer that service. Outfitters will provide the horses, supplies, and tents, or stop at outpost cabins for the night.
The camp cooking is great, the photographic opportunities many, and the camaderie is unmatched anywhere in the
world. It's a great way to make new friends and some of the outfitters offer ladies only trips for a week into the
Itcha/Ilgachuz Mountains and the Rainbow Mountains. There are also day trips available if you would just like to
go out for a trailride in the morning and return to your accommodations in the evening.
Holding your mouse over each image will give its description, however, this only seems to work in Explorer.

Rest stop Stormy ride Crossing a creek
Riding the Itcha Ilgachuz  Ranges Open meadows Supplies
Camp cook Heading out Taking a nap
Fall ride How you cook in camp Pack train
Enjoying the view Deep in wildflowers Walking the horses down a hill

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