Photo Gallery for the West Chilcotin

Nothing could be more relaxing than sitting on the porch of your cabin or around a campfire enjoying the last light of the
evening in the West Chilcotin. Or perhaps you're sitting in a gently rocking boat or canoe out on the lake watching the
rays of a setting sun reflect off the water, tinging the surrounding mountains with pink and the sky with flaming yellows
and reds. Sunset in summer is quite late in the evening and at the height of summer solstice, there are only a couple
of hours of complete dark. Winter also offers beautiful sunsets here although they occur much earlier in the afternoon!
Holding your mouse over each image will give its description, however, this only works in Explorer.

Storm over Anahim Lake Nimpo Lake Sunset water on the ice Sunset at Anahim
Ice breaking up January sunset on Nimpo Lake Stormy purple
Lonesome Lake Fire 2004 Anahim Lake Snow on the lake
Plane parked on the ice with Kappan Mountain behind Boats in for the evening on Boy Lake Lee's Corner
Sunset in Winter Evening calm Done for the night
Orange Reflection
Storm Clouds
Snowmobile tracks on the lake

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