Snowmobiling Photo Gallery for the West Chilcotin

The West Chilcotin offers both the novice snowmobiler and dedicated sledder incredible snowmachining in winter.
(Not to be mistaken with waterskipping, or summer snowmachining, which we also have.) Bordering Tweedsmuir Park
west of Highway 20 you have Trumpeter and the Little Rainbows, while on the east and north side you have the Big
Rainbows, Corkscrew, and the entire Itcha Ilgatchuz range to play in. To the southwest you have the entire Coastal Range
to snowmobile in, including Remarko behind Charlotte Lake, Perkin's Peak, the entire Tatlayoko area and more.
Most years, locals can snowmobile from their front door unless going to the Rainbow Mountains or southwest toward
Tatlayoko, in which case you must trailer your machines for 45 minutes. The Rainbows have anywhere from 9 to 14 feet of
snow in winter, it's variable for the Itchas, and between 2 and 6 feet for the Trumpeter area. Powder is common, and powder
on a solid base even more common in spring. Season varies year to year, from November to May in some years and areas.
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Rest stop with a view Roller coaster gully ride Snowmobiling in the Rainbow Mountains
Making a big jump Playing in Powder Making a little jump
Rolling alpine in the Rainbows makes for wonderful snowmobiling On Kappan overlooking Charlotte Lake Riding the cornice at Trumpeter
On the way through Goat's Pass Long valleys in the Rainbows Good powder on a good base
Looking at the Rainbows from Trumpeter Mt. Pointing out the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail Sometimes you own a tree magnet
Pictures just don't do the steepness justice Gully Games Trailing over the rise

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