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Newsletter to list upcoming events and meetings in the area and maybe even an opinion or two. For more up to date news, go to the Wilderness Adventures page where articles on the area are uploaded on a daily basis.
17/03/2009 10:59 PM

Nimpo Lake Poker Run

There will be a Snowmobile Poker Run held on Saturday, March 21, 2009, Route has yet to be determined but I promise it will be fun! The route will vary from easy to intermediate. There will be a wiener roast for lunch at the midway point, and barbeque at the Carwash afterwards. Poker cards will be provided at every stop. Please do not drink and snowmobile folks! Safety first! Call Richard at (250) 742-3333 for more information on the event.
05/06/2008 10:59 PM

Tatla Lake Gymkhana

Tatla Lake is holding its 52nd Annual Gymkhana on June 21 and 22nd featuring a parade, (prizes for best costume) the gymkhana both days and Cowboy Church on Sunday. All age categories, prizes and cash draws, a concession with a chili dinner on Saturday and there's lots of free camping available. And get this. There is a helicopter ride raffle Saturday and Sunday with a free raffle ticket with your gate fee each day. Seeing as how the information came from Audrey down at White Saddle, I expect White Saddle Air Services is sponsoring that one. Way to go guys! For more information you can call Selma at (250) 476-1123.
We're looking for volunteers for Sunday to help clean the floor in the Hall in preparation for painting. If you're into helping with either the scrubbing or the painting, call the NLCA President at 742-3724.
27/04/2008 1:00 PM

Thanks To Bingo Contributors

We had a very successful Bingo at the Nimpo Lake Community Hall on Saturday and we would like to take this opportunity to thank those businesses that donated prizes. Unfortunately, the Williams Lake Tribune wants to charge nearly as much as we made for improvements to our hall, just to place an ad in the classified section thanking these businesses. We would like to give a little 'air' time here so please keep their kind support of our community in mind when next you go shopping either locally or in Williams Lake.
First of all, thank you to everyone that showed up to participate and to those people that helped out with the Bingo and in the concession. Special thanks to the owners of Nimpo Lake General Store who donated all of the pizza, hot dogs and condiments, and their time to picking up prize donations and to the event. And thanks to Leah for organizing the whole thing.
Thanks to all of the businesses both local and from Willy's Puddle!
Anahim Lake Trading - Anahim Lake
Canadian Tire - Williams Lake
Canwest Propane - Williams Lake
Eagle's Nest Resort - Anahim Lake
Heidi's Massage - Nimpo Lake
Len's Carwash - Nimpo Lake
Lo's Florist - Williams Lake
Nestor Malinsky - Anahim Lake
McLean's Trading - Anahim Lake
Nimpo Lake General Store - Nimpo Lake
Rona - Williams Lake
Safeway - Williams Lake
Save on Foods - Williams Lake
Shopper's Drug Mart - Williams Lake
Spectra Polaris Dealer - Williams Lake
Tatla Lake Manor - Tatla Lake
The Dean on Nimpo - Nimpo Lake
West Chilcotin Forest Products - Anahim Lake
There were also many anonymous donors, so thank you, whoever you are!
23/01/2008 4:30 PM

Pristine Power Meeting February 11/2008

PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING at the Nimpo Lake Community Hall Monday, February 11, 2008 at 7:00. Pristine Power and West Chilcotin Forest Products will be hosting a meeting to describe and answer your questions about the biomass power generating facility proposed for the WCFP mill site.
24/10/2007 5:22 PM

Nimpo Lake Meeting/Important!

We have an important meeting at the Nimpo Lake Community Hall October 30, 2007 at 7:30. Ministry of Forests has agreed to meet with the community regarding the forest fire danger from the beetle killed pine. The Ministry would like an idea from community members about areas to be forested providing a barrier against forest fire around the community. Since all of our homes are in danger from that imminent threat, you are encouraged to attend the meeting and your input on mapping would be greatly appreciated.
07/06/2007 2:42 PM

Nimpo Lake Events

The Nimpo Lake canoe races from Nimpo, down the Dean River to Anahim Lake, were a great success again this year and I understand John Mclean from Mclean Trading was one of the winners again this year. Way to go John!
The snowmobile waterskipping event at the Anahim Lake Reserve is set for June 16 this year. Check it out for some hilarious fun!
The Anahim Lake Stampede starts on July 6 of 2007 at the Stampede Grounds just on the other side of the Dean River bridge. For more about the area with daily images and stories about Anahim Lake and Nimpo Lake, skip on over to the daily blog at Wilderness Adventures.
07/03/2007 12:46 PM

Nimpo Lake Hangar Fire

For those of you looking for information on the Nimpo Lake Hangar Fire or Anahim Lake news, please refer to the article written shortly after it occured on Wilderness Adventures March, Week One.
11/02/2007 3:41 PM

What's Happening

The region has been enjoying heavy snowfall this winter, making it great for winter activities such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. There has been no ice road on Nimpo Lake this year due to heavy overflow, the first time in 13 years. There was a very successful Poker Run with snowmobiles down at Tatla Lake this weekend enjoyed by all. The Children's 139 Fund at the Anahim Lake Community Hall will be next weekend as well as Wilderness Rim's annual ice cutting party.
High snowfall levels have pushed a lot of big game down out of higher elevations so if you're into wildlife photography, this is the place to be! Moose, caribou and coyote are easily spotted and wolf and lynx are around the area.
Don't forget that if you would like more up to date daily news you can find it and recent images at Wilderness Adventures or check out the Picture of the Day.
30/09/2006 1:40 PM

The Country Inn Motel Burns

The Country Inn Motel burned to the ground at about 10:00 on Thursday, September 28. Cause of the fire is unknown as yet, but it started in an unused storage area in the Inn's basement. Community members, the Ulkatcho Indian Band pump truck, mill water truck and highways water truck drivers were all prepared with equipment and the willingness to protect the adjoining businesses from catching on fire. RCMP prevented anyone from doing that claiming the danger from overhead hydro lines exceeded that danger to the entire community should the fire rage out of control or turn into a forest fire. However, since it takes two hours for a BC Hydro crew to arrive here from Bella Coola anytime there is a problem, we lose precious time waiting for them.
There will be a meeting at the Nimpo Lake Community Hall on Wednesday evening that all directors and community members are encouraged to attend. We were very fortunate to not have lost the entire community to fire and need to explore the means to prevent this from happening again. The local RCMP detachment head has been invited to attend the meeting. BC Hydro will also be invited.
08/08/2006 1:40 PM

Floatplane Accident

The pilot of a local floatplane charter service and his passenger were killed yesterday. A local pilot from Nimpo Lake found the plane yesterday evening after the plane failed to arrive at its destination at a designated time. The small Cessna floatplane crashed in the the Itcha Mountains to the northeast of Nimpo Lake. Names of the deceased were not being released at the time of this writing so I will honor that and keep this brief. We would all like to express our condolences to the family and friends of the victims.
07/05/2006 1:30 AM

Forest Fires Anahim Lake and Nimpo Lake

For anyone wondering because of the news lately, all of British Columbia has been having unusually hot weather resulting in thunderstorms and lightning strikes. Anahim Lake and Nimpo Lake area have been hit and there have been evacuation notices, albeit unnecessary ones but the Cariboo Fire Center based in Williams Lake and the British Columbia government in general does like to cover its ass so there you go! I guess you can't blame Forestry because ultimately, they feel responsible if someone is killed because of a fire. However, I think that sometimes they overreact on that point. Most home owners, in the Chilcotin anyway, are far more equipped to look after their own places than a too thinly spread fire protection service is. Most of us have our own fire pumps, or access to one.
There is no doubt that there have been several lightning strikes resulting in several forest fires in the area and I don't envy the poor guys that have to run from one spot fire to the next. There is also at least one very large fire north of Anahim Lake that the Cariboo Fire Protection District has been trying to bring under control, but as usual, I think you can count on Mother Nature to do that. I won't comment more because I have received conflicting emails and phone calls and until a person can sort them out, it's all way out in left field. If you would like to know a little more, you can go to Wilderness Adventures. That page is updated a little more than this and although dedicated mostly to the Alaska journals this year, I'll keep you posted on what's going on in the West Chilcotin as I learn it myself.
26/05/2006 8:06 PM

Spring Events in Anahim and Nimpo Lake

Saturday, May 20th was pretty exciting for the area. The famous West Chilcotin Snowmobile Water skipping event held in Anahim Lake went over well this year, and although it was called the 9th Annual, it's an event that's been going on here since the late 80's that I know of for sure.
In case you're not familiar with the event, it does not involve skipping a rock across water. It does involve running your snowmobile as fast as you can go, down the river and around several sharp corners, turn around in a wet meadow and get back. There are two objects to this 'insanity'. To have the best time...this year you would have had to beat three minutes and nine seconds to win, and not sink your snowmobile in the river.
For one thing, the river is really, really cold, and for another, it's pretty darn deep in places. When you do sink, you have to try and get your snowmobile out as quickly as possible, and get it dried out in the hope that you can run again. For lots of great pictures and more information on this crazy sport, you can check out the blog at May Wilderness Adventures .
Another great event for the area are the Annual Canoe Races. Those start at the mouth of the Dean River at the outlet of Nimpo Lake and follow the river right to the Rodeo Grounds at Anahim Lake. Only about a 15 minute drive by vehicle. Sound simple? Only if you're crazy!
The winners finally got in several hours later because this race is some tough and more than one canoe has tipped its passengers into the icy cold Dean in races past.
Both the Waterskipping and Canoe Races are held only shortly after the ice goes off of Anahim, Nimpo Lake and the river because that is when the Dean River is at its highest level. But it's also just about the coldest. So either of these races are quite a challenge for most and a real humdinger if you fall in!
West Chilcotin Forest Products and its vested parties are in discussion about the future viability of the mill. Higher energy costs, higher Canadian dollar and lower lumber prices is causing this, and every other mill in British Columbia a lot of grief right now. The sawmill will continue to run until the logs are gone this fall, and the planer will run until all dry lumber has been run through. I foresee an indefinite shutdown until some of the above factors improve. It won't be easy on the community, and we'll probably lose a lot of good people to jobs elsewhere in the province. And that will be a very sad day.
03/03/2006 1:30 PM

Waaaay Behind

Boy, I didn't realize that I've gotten a little behind on the Newsletter here. Part of the reason is because I update the Wilderness Adventures'blog' everyday, so usually if there's anything of any significance happening, I post it there.
I'm still trying to get dates for the snowmobile waterskipping races this spring (yes, it is indeed just like it sounds) as well as the canoe races. The British Columbia Floatplane Association will be holding their AGM in the usual venue on Nimpo Lake, July 15th. Folks at the Nimpo Country Inn are trying to set up a car show as well as a couple of fishing derbies for the area. I'll try to keep you posted.
Chilcotin's Gate put on a very successful Robbie Burns Night as well as an International Dinner in March. They'll be putting on an Easter Brunch on April 16 with and Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.
Dawn has taken over the Dutchman Restaurant and the place has been rockin'! Check it out on the way into Anahim Lake.
A really bad work place accident resulting in serious injury occurred at the sawmill last weekend. Our hearts and prayers go out to Jody and her family.
There have been some changes at West Chilcotin Forest Products Ltd. recently, but not enough IMO. Continued attrition at the planer mill may improve attitude and productivity there and it's to be hoped that a new General Manager will be found soon.
The Nimpo Lake Community Association in partnership with the West Chilcotin Tourism Association, land owners and local business owners in Nimpo Lake have been getting together to work on the Highway 20 corridor brushing and burning.
I understand that Anahim Lake will be putting the same kind of thing in place for their end of the highway.
Snowmobiling has been fantastic this winter, after Christmas of course. For lots more pictures and articles on that subject, check out Wilderness Adventures.
The Kids 139 charity event in February drew in nearly $20,000 dollars. Wow. Not bad for two tiny communities with a total population of only about 1400 people.
06/12/2005 9:30 PM


A few great things are happening in the area over the Christmas Holidays. Chilcotin's Gate has been taken over by new operators, Ian and Connie Mackay and they've been putting on some great meals for 'special' nights such as Mexican Night and this coming Thursday is Chinese Night. On the 21st of November the Gate will be hosting the Annual Yule Dinner that raises money for Christmas giving to those in need of a helping hand.
The Nimpo Lake Community Association is holding an auction, pot luck and dance on December 10th as well as a New Year's Eve party.
There are a few private Christmas parties happening in the area and I imagine Pilot's Bar & Grill will be hosting something this year as well.
Nimpo Lake is frozen over and as soon as the ice gets a little thicker I expect we'll see our ice road back. I for one am looking forward to that with great enthusiasm! Especially with higher fuel prices because it cuts off a lot of extra miles and cuts down on your chances of getting a rock through your windshield on the highway.
We're all eagerly awaiting more snow for the snowmobile, snowboarding and cross country ski season. A couple of the local boys trailered up to km 24 on Charlotte Main where they took off on snowmachines and made it to Goat Pass a few weeks ago without incident. Unfortunately, they couldn't get through the pass to Trumpeter Mountain because it's filled with truck sized boulders that were not yet covered in snow. Soon though!
01/10/2005 10:40 PM

Sad Day

Members of our community and owners of a local fly in resort lost their son to a logging accident near Williams Lake September 23rd. Apparently he leaned out of his equipment to remove a sign from a tree when his jacket or vest caught a lever causing a boom to swing around and pinning him. He was a good fellow, well known to the community with a young family and a great sense of fun. His funeral will be held on October 3rd in Williams Lake and I have no doubt that there will be a great number of community members attending. My condolences to the family. My heart goes out to you.
21/09/2005 1:40 PM

Lumber Truck Rollover

A Lumber truck hauling lumber out of West Chilcotin Forest Products on Highway 20 to Williams Lake rolled over this week. The truck lost control on the corner just before the McClinchy bridge where it looks like his second trailer tipped over to the opposite side of the road, dumping its load. That probably pulled over his first trailer which lost its load of lumber in the same ditch, in the middle of the road, and on the right side of the highway where the weight of the tipped trailers finally pulled the cab over. The entire truck ended up wheels up on the highway and in the ditch with the driver sustaining some injuries including a broken leg. The truck and trailers look to be a write off. More pictures of this interesting feat can be found at the September4 blog.
16/08/2005 1:40 PM

WCFP Forest Awareness Day

West Chilcotin Forest Products will be sponsoring a Forest Awareness Day this Friday, August 19. Starting at 10:00 am there will be bus tours out to the forestry operations in the bush where you will see the equipment in operation as well as their restoration methods, etc. There will be guided tours of the sawmill and planermill describing from start to finish how a tree is made into a piece of lumber. There will be 'lumberjack' games including axe throwing and logrolling with a dinner to follow. For lots of fun and knowledge, come on down to the WCFP yard on highway 20 between Nimpo Lake and Anahim Lake for this annual event.
27/07/2005 1:25 PM

Stampedes, Floatplanes and Pine Beetles

The Anahim Lake Stampede and Bull-O-Rama in Anahim Lake seems to have been a great success this year. Higher Canadian dollar and fuel prices doesn't seem to have slowed down the rodeo goers too much. There were a lot of top flight competitors this year as well.
The British Columbia Floatplane Association had their annual fly-in and AGM in the middle of July. Lots of floatplanes showed up and the dinner, dance and silent auction were all successful.
The Discovery Coast Music Fest rocked in Bella Coola on the July 15-16 weekend with lots of performers including such BC oldtimers as Chilliwack and Valdy.
Mountain Pine Beetles have flown now. Everyone along Nimpo Lake are reporting infested trees in the last few days. Fellow just came in from fishing said there are beetles all over the surface of the lake
today. We went down to our dock to check it out, and sure enough, a few beetles went dog paddling by.
Water levels are dropping now after over a week of dry weather. It hasn't gotten really hot yet so we may not even have a forest fire season to worry about this year. Water is down in Nimpo Lake from record high levels all summer and the water level in the Dean River at the outlet of Nimpo is down noticeably.
17/06/2005 7:25 PM

Mosquito Season has officially begun

Well, it's nasty out there. Mosquito season just cranked up a notch. Warm, humid weather has caused the things to cling to the outside of the screen doors by the hundreds. Neither man nor beast can stay out there for long! It should get better after a couple good hot days. The BC Floatplane Association is having their annual general meeting in the middle of July starting Friday July 15th. It will be held at Brandt's hangar on Nimpo Lake again.
Should have the Anahim Lake Stampede coming up in July again. I'll have to get the dates. Fun for all in the rodeo free for all.
The RCMP Bike Initiative is still a happening thing, so keep your helmets on kids! By the way, the RCMP are getting tough on drinking drivers with a mobile unit now, so be careful.
Launi's wedding is tomorrow. Congratulations guys!
Have just added a 'properties for sale' page to this site. If you're interested in advertising your property, just go to the advertise listing page on the navigation menu for my contact information. Eventually, I would also like to launch either a forum of feedback page for this site.
Went golfing today at Nester's Golf and Country Club. Wow Wee! Now that was some ride! Nester Malinsky and his wife Phil have a really sweet little setup on the Dean River. It's a beautiful place where lots of woodworking and wood carving skills are apparent. Nester has lots of balls, left and right handed clubs and tees available to anyone that wants to play. The 9 hole course is extremely challenging. They say if you can play that course well, you can play anywhere very well, and I believe it! Second hole is on top of a very high, steep bank so you have to somehow lob your ball straight up and down onto the green. Go too far, and you'll end up over in a gravel pit and have to beat your iron to death to get it back onto the green. Or at least I beat my iron to death on the gravel. The high surrounding pine trees are quite a challenge as well. On one hole you are up high already, and have to lob the ball into the top of the trees, and let the branches slow the ball on the way down. Did I say challenging? The greens are sand, fast and really tricky. They all slope toward the water, as Rick pointed out, and there's water all around. From what I could see, the greens sloped every which way and the odd depression, rock and pine needles caused split second changes of direction. In any case, the course is fun, challenging and total cost to play is only .25 cents. Beats the big fancy courses, doesn't it? The course is just a short distance out of Anahim Lake on Dorsey, and then Ayres road on the Dean River. Check it out. You wont' be sorry. Just don't bring your own clubs.

18/05/2005 1:57 PM

Provincial Election in British Columbia

Well, we had our provincial election last night. Ho-Hum. I shouldn't say that, because having a democratic government, and the right to vote for it is very important. I guess it's just kind of boring when you already know who is going to get in, and that they're going to get in with a majority government for the next four years. If I was in favor of Campbell's Liberal government, I would probably be very happy with the consistency and stability that eight years of the same government in Parliament can provide. And I have been happy with some of what the provincial Liberals have done. But for the most part, I have been very unhappy with the broken promises, of which there have been many, and the direction that the government has taken on many issues. Apparently I'm not the only unhappy one. The NDP is up from two seats last election where they were nearly shut out as an opposition party, to 33 seats last I saw last night. And I'm definitely not an NDP'er. In fact, I'm not Liberal either. It seems ironic that BC doesn't even have a 'Conservative' party in the running. We go from left with the Liberals, to further left with the NDP, and further left yet with the Green Party, God forbid. It's worthy to note that most people in British Columbia don't vote government in. They usually vote it out.
5/13/05 4:17 PM

West Chilcotin Tourism Association Meeting

Friday, the 13th seems like a good day to have a meeting for local tourism. The West Chilcotin Tourism Association is having their Annual General Meeting down at White Saddle in West Branh. That's down the Tatlayoko road. Items to be covered are possible closure of Anahim Airport (highly unlikely because everyone is working very hard to prevent it), and update and input on a new information sign at Anahim (which is in a really sorry state of disrepair). Dave Neads, director on The Cariboo Chilcotin Beetle Action Committee is to give an update on the Mountain Pine Beetle situation. Karl Osmers of Bella Coola Valley Tourism is to present the new 100 things to do on the Highway 20 advertising magazine. Dave and Petrus to give updates on the Tsi Del Del/Tatla Agreement (The West Chilcotin Demonstration Project) which was signed on April 6/05 in Redstone. Now that is a fascinating piece of work! Based loosely on the structure of the Round Table of Anahim and Nimpo Lake region, it brings together multiple users of the natural resources to discuss and agree on how those resources are to be used. In this case, tourist users such as resorts and lodges, guide outfitters, logging interests and the Tatla community came together to agree on land use in the region. The document is a historical one, and just shows what a powerful tool good communication can be.
4/24/05 4:09 PM

RCMP Investigates Rollover Collision

"Anahim Lake RCMP have begun an initiative of informing local community members of collisions for awareness program. On April 21, 2005 at approx. 10:00 p.m., members of the Anahim Lake RCMP responded to a single motor vehicle collision one km east of Anahim Lake on Highway 20. 1989 GMC was travelling eastbound when the driver lost control of the vehicle which ended up rolling several times.
The driver, Clayton Jimmie of Anahim Lake was removed from the vehicle and the Jaws of Life was used to remove Terry Squinas, also of Anahim Lake, both with serious injuries that resulted in them being transported by Ambulance to Williams Lake. Both men were wearing their seatbelts at the time and their injuries were lessened as a result. Alcohol is a suspected factor in the collision and the collision is still under investigation by the Anahim Lake RCMP."
4/23/05 8:15 PM

RCMP to Issue "Positive Tickets" to Local Youth

A new initiative has been created to issue deserving young persons for good riding behavior on their bicycles. The Anahim Lake RCMP members with support from several local businesses and Community members will be issuing tickets to community youth up to the age of 16 that will be redeemable for an item from the supporting business partner named on the ticket issued. To promote Bicycle Safety and Education the Police hope that those youth caught wearing their bicycle helmet and riding their bicycle in a safe manner will be more apt to continue practicing good riding behavior that will last long after all the "Positive Tickets" are issued. Bicycle helmets became mandatory for all cyclists in British Columbia in 1996. Not wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle can result in a fine.
On another note, most of the ice went out on Nimpo Lake last night, and very little was left in the back bay this morning. Went fishing for an hour, but only caught and lost one. The fish aren't really active yet, but hopefully...soon. Then again, only had some very puny warms that overwintered in a fish tank. They didn't grow big and fat, that's for sure!
The BC Government unveiled the Olympic 2010 emblem for BC. Absolutely disgusting. I can't imagine anything that represents BC less. Using a stylized Inukshuk might have been a great idea, had it been a nice design. But this is so bad...out of 1600 contestants, you would have thought they could have chosen something a lot nicer and representative of the province.

This newsletter is intended to eventually report events, news and upcoming meetings in the Anahim Lake and Nimpo Lake communities. These may include Regional District Meetings, WCFP shareholder's meetings, Community Association Meetings and any other that have bearing on the people of these communities.

This section may also be used for advertising local events, sales and upcoming attractions for either community, whether that be a dinner special at one of the restaurants, or a visiting comedy act, etc.

The newsletter will go online as soon as possible but may not change as frequently as the 'blog' or rss feed that I have about this site on a daily basis. If you are interested in reading a lighthearted commentary on the country, pick up the rss feed called Wilderness Adventures s. You will need a news aggregator to read the feed, but you can get one for free at


Going Fishing! April 22, 2005

Enough ice is off Nimpo Lake to see the fish jumping. Loons are all over the lake divided by lines of ice, cruising the edges of the ice to mark their territory I guess. They're diving periodically for fish and the fish are starting to jump. Time to get a fishing license and go fishing tomorrow, because fishing is excellent just after ice off. Fascinating to watch the lake this morning. There were seven Trumpeter Swans cruising like an Spanish Armada off the point of the big island, a Bald Eagle was floating overhead, loons here and there and flocks of Buffleheads and other ducks dotted the water here and there. A couple of gulls arrived as well. The tree swallows arrived yesterday, and the steady cacophany of red winged blackbirds overlaid even the loon calls. Floyd Vaughan flew over in his plane this morning checking the lake out. He'll be putting floats on his plane right away! I think this is the earliest ice off yet, although last year was about the same time for this bay. The temperatures are quite high, although down to freezing last night, and with the sun beating down on that ice, the lake should be clear in the next day or so, with the exception of the back bay where the sun doesn't get to it as much. Goin' Fishin'!

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