Mountain Photo Gallery for the West Chilcotin

The West Chilcotin is a high plateau surrounded by mountain ranges. The Coastals to the west and south, the Rainbows
to the north, and the Itcha/Ilgachuz ranges to the north and east among many more ranges. Mt. Waddington, or
Mystery Mountain as it was once called, is the highest mountain in British Columbia entirely within her borders at 13,704 ft.
The mountains, covered in a mantle of snow in clear, magnifying winter air makes you feel as though you can reach out and touch them.
In summer, the alpine abounds with wildlife both big and small. In any season, they enhance the view no
matter what direction you look and give endless pleasure to hikers, photographers, snowmobilers, and trailriders.
Unfortunately, we so take them for granted that I don't have pictures that could begin to describe their beauty and diversity.

Itcha Ilgachuz range Coastal Range
Northwest of Anahim Lake Overlooking Charlotte Lake Rainbow Mountains in summer
Wilderness Valley Mountains overlooking Junker Mountains at the foot of Wilderness Lake
Overlooking Lonesome Lake on a snowmachine with Coastals backdrop View from the cairn on top of Trumpeter Mountain Winter view from Nimpo Lake
Rugged peaks & glaciers
Mountain Lake

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