Hiking Photo Gallery for the West Chilcotin

Hiking the West Chilcotin is probably a lot tougher than seeing it on a trailride, but you can access some country
walking or snowshoeing that you cannot on horseback. Especially very rocky country. Hiking gives you an opportunity
to stop and savor the beauty of tiny alpine flowers poking out from rocks, small wildlife and birds, listen to babbling,
glacial fed creeks and gives you lots of chances for great photographs of the ever present mountains and pristine lakes.
Tweedsmuir Park has an extensive network of hiking trails including the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail which is
480 kilometers long. The Rainbow Mountains, sporting vibrant reds and yellows make for a spectacular hike as do the
Itcha Ulgatchez Mountains. Take the Tote Road to Hunlen Falls or try the Kettle Pond or Burnt Bridge Trails if you would
just like a short day trip. Or fly into a remote alpine lake such as Wilderness Lake located high in the mountains and
make your own trail among the wildflowers, meadows, and stream beds gushing with the pale green of glacial melt.
Holding your mouse over each image will give its description, however, this only seems to work in Explorer.

Hikers with packdogs Hiking up a glacier fed creek Deep in Autumn color
Hiking along a glacier On top of the world Packing supplies to Chris's Lake
Campfire with a view Taking a rest among warm boulders High in the alpine
Snowshoeing in winter Hiking along Hunlen Falls Hiking to a park boundary cairn

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