Photo Gallery for the West Chilcotin

There is nothing more relaxing than a serene lake back-dropped with magnificent mountains and the haunting, echoing
sound of loons calling to one another. A splash and spreading ripples from Rainbow Trout jumping, reflecting a deep,
deep blue sky with no pollution, no smog - just high feathery clouds and the odd jet contrail. Fly into a remote wilderness
lake fed by teal colored, gushing glacier fed streams and surrounded by a diverse abundance of bright alpine flowers leading down to lake's edge. Or canoe and fish the more accessible lakes such as Anahim Lake, Nimpo Lake, Charlotte Lake,
Lonesome Lake, the Turner Lake Chain or any one of a multitude of lakes in the West Chilcotin region.
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Loading the plane in pre-dawn Landing on Wilderness Lake Landing at a remote wilderness cabin
Tweedsmuir Air landing on Nimpo Lake Airborne over Nimpo Lake on a flightseeing trip Winter skiing in remote alpine
Bringing in supplies to Boy Lake Landing on Trumpeter Mountain to visit with snowmobilers Camping overnight at Boy Lake
Winter landing on the lake Fishing at Wilderness Lake Dropping supplies
Loading up on Anahim Lake for day of fishing on a remote lake Going flightseeing Moving docks for the winter
Winter landing at Wilderness Lake
Fall hunting trip
Fueled up on Nimpo and on the way to Alaska

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