Photo Gallery for the West Chilcotin
Alpine Flowers

The West Chilcotin offers a surprising diversity in wildflowers considering the cold winter temperatures. Flowers growing in the high alpine gain a foothold among rocks, gullies and streambeds where they are protected from wind and gather the maximum amount of reflected heat to be found at elevations of 6000 feet and up. Their growing season is short, so they must put on leaves, flower, and drop seed in the space of a few short months, usually from the middle of June to the middle of August. Because of the short growing season, most of the flowers bloom at the same time, creating an
incredible carpet of color in high mountain valleys in the shadow of glaciers and snowcapped peaks.
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Alpine flowers along a stream Whole hillsides covered in flowers at over 6000 ft. Vast array of flowers at over 6000 feet
Several varieties blooming at once in a very short season Alpine flowers on rocks Indian Paintbrush and Lupin
Flowers warmed by boulders Lupin and Indian Paintbrush Alpine flowers just below a glacier
Wildflowers along a protected streambed Many varieties along a rushing, glacier fed creek Several different varieties of alpine flowers in one spot
Spruce tree surrounded by Indian Paintbrush Incredible array of wildflowers along a glacier stream at 7000 ft. Alpine flowers above Charlotte Lake
High alpine flowers
Ever present kinnickinick or bear berry
Indian Paintbrush growing among lupin at lake's edge

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