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Nimpo Lake in January after a thaw

There are lots of events to attend in the West Chilcotin!

Probably the most well known event in the Anahim Lake, Nimpo Lake area is the annual Anahim Lake Stampede in the second week of July. Rodeo riders come some distance to compete in the various events. World class rough stock is brought in for the Bull riding and Bronc riding. You'll see some excellent barrel racing and Barrel Racer many other top rodeo events. The Rodeo lasts for several days kicked off by a parade, and community dances in the evening are all part of the fun. If you would like some real excitement, join us in May for the Annual Water Skipping Event in Anahim Lake. No, we're not talking about skipping rocks. This involves snowmobiles traversing the Dean River from start to finish line without taking a swim. The fastest wins! Of course the biggest challenge is not just making it to the finish line, but doing it without dunking you and your machine in the water! It's great fun and good for a lot of laughs. You will find lots of great pictures and a more complete explanation on how it all works on the Wilderness Adventures Blog at Wilderness Adventure May Week Three .The 'cowboy' and the Waterskipping a snowmobile on the river sled called Frankenstein are there and there's all kinds of pictures showing a lot of people getting very wet! The ball hockey tournament is held at the same time and draws Native teams from all over central British Columbia. There's a hot barbeque lunch and a party in the evening after the racers have all dried out around the fire.
Also in May, there are the Annual Canoe Races that start at the mouth of the Dean River at Nimpo Lake and end at Anahim Lake. The route is hazardous and few of the racers make it to the other end unscathed. Anyone can participate and there is a dinner and dance at the Anahim Lake Community Hall to celebrate the racers.Water skipping a snowmobile on water
The Children's 139 Fund Raising auction and supper is in February and is held at the Anahim Lake Community Hall. The Auction raises money for children in conjunction with the Variety Club Marathon in Vancouver held on a weekend as close to Valentine's Day as possible. About the middle of February around Valentine's Day, many of the local resorts start their ice cutting parties. These generally involve finding as many people as you can willing to work at cutting ice from the lake with a power saw attached to a special jig, and hauling it to their sawdust filled ice houses (for storing clients' fish on ice in summer). Wilderness Rim Resort even builds an ice igloo with left over ice as part of the fun. The best part is the big campfire, food and drinks after to celebrate a big job finished!!
Building an igloo at ice cutting time on Nimpo LakeThe Annual Puntzi Lake Fishing Derby is held every July and draws competitors from all around to fish for Kokanee to 2.5 lbs and Rainbow Trout to 2.5 lbs. Adult and children's categories so come join the fun!! Check with accommodations providers at Puntzi Lake for dates.
There are numerous other events occurring at any time of the year in this area and in local communities nearby. Everything from fishing derbies to flea markets and everyone is encouraged to participate! Check with your host to find out what events may be on while you are here and to get the exact dates and times.

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