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The Dean on Nimpo offers relaxing accommodation and convenient in house restaurant
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Listing information for the West Chilcotin Directory

This Directory is intended to help businesses in Anahim Lake, Nimpo Lake and West Chilcotin market themselves to the rest of the world. It is also an effort to gain some 'brand' recognition for the area and show people who use the Internet and are interested in our region, all the benefits and amenities we can offer them. Not least of which is what Mother Nature provided ... some of the most beautiful country in the world!

I've never felt that the area has been adequately promoted by any one web site. That is a difficult job because this area has such incredible diversity and so much to offer. I've attempted to cover a little of everything, and time permitting, will continue to add to this site. Right now, however, my main concern is to promote the area and therefore the site, to the max! That requires money. Below you will find a list of costs to advertise on this site. There are a number of variables which I will try to explain. If you would like more clarity on any of these items, or would like to list your business, please feel free to call me at (250) 742-3724. In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the site and reap some benefits from its design.

J Baker

There will be five different ways to advertise on this site - as follows:

Header Banner-look to the top of the page at the long advertisement
Side Banner-look to your right side of the page
Accommodations Listing-see resorts, motels, etc.
Business Listing-any business that is not accommodation

I also have an RSS feed for this site that is updated daily and may allow advertising there eventually, but not at this time.

2008 Advertising Price List

Accommodation Listings include a picture, description and contact information. - $120 annually. An additional side banner will be - $55 annually. An additional header banner will be $75 annually. The number of times you are listed on the top or side will vary on the number of spaces available, but you will be guaranteed at least one page and up to 21 pages.

A Business Listing is less than half the size of the accommodation listing, are for any business that does not sell accommodation and includes a picture, description and contact information. - $50 a year. If you wish to purchase a side or header banner, you must purchase it as a stand alone advertisement. See below for costs.

Header Banners purchased as a stand alone advertisement will be $100 annually and you are guaranteed placement on at least one page and up to 21 pages depending on demand.

Side Banners purchased as a stand alone advertisement will be $75 annually and you are guaranteed placement on at least one page and up to 21 pages depending on demand.

Textual Advertising prices have not yet been determined.

Extra Advertising - Price adjustments will be made if you would like to buy a guaranteed number of banner and header spots on the site. Please talk to me personally about pricing. If you are the proprietor of two businesses in the same building (ie: The Dean on Nimpo/ Pilot's Bar & Grill or Stewart's Lodge/Tweedsmuir Air) your second listing will be free and go into the appropriate category under listing. However, a side banner for that extra business will still be $55 annually.

With the exception of the home page and this page, all pages will be treated as equal with regards to banner advertising, and determining your spot will be based on a first come, first serve basis. Rates for this page (advertising) will be half price. Rates for the home page have yet to be determined. Rotating banners are an option but the javascript required takes up too much bandwidth and I would prefer to have fast loading pages. However, if you would like either a side or header banner, we will try to place you on a page of your preference and/or applicable to your business.

Banner Design - I will be happy to provide the design for your banner free of charge, and will do it with some consultation with you, and using your existing site images if necessary. However, if you have a specific design that you want, with a picture that must be scanned in, then you will probably be charged a design fee.

Follow the links, and see what the West Chilcotin is really like!

Nimpo Lake Resort is now For Sale. Owners wish to retire.
Corkscrew Creek Adventures
The Dean on Nimpo
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